Maniphest DestNE – Can’t Decide (feat. Lorelei Waters) MUSIC VIDEO

As promised, we are proud to release the Official Music Video for “Can’t Decide (feat. Lorelei Waters)” off of my album Something Monumental; which you can download for free from my website (link in the comments). This is the first of many installments of new videos to come this year. Each and everyone of them will be better than the last, so as always we appreciate your continued love and support. Please Listen, Like, and Share this with all your friends. Also, if you’re seeing this and dig what we’re doing, drop your email in the comments or send me a message so you can stay up to date with future releases, exclusives and special offers. Thanks for your time and hope you enjoy…


Something Monumental

So It’s been awhile but finally my album Something Monumental is out on MOST online stores/streaming sites. You can stream/purchase it over at ITUNES, SPOTIFY, BANDCAMP, SOUNDCLOUD + MORE! Thanks again for the non-stop support everyone and expect more music + videos to be released soon!